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Week 11

Week 11
Cap Submissions: 11
Lyric Submissions: 02

Waaaa, I forgot yesterday was wednesday... my bad

Challenge 1- Capture challenge

 heh heh :P

Click the caps to enlarge them

Rules of the Capture Challenge
* You may use only the pictures provided above.
* No blending with outside pictures, you may however blend 2 of the given caps together.
* Text and Animation are allowed.
* You may submit up to 3 icons.

Challenge 2: Lyrics

make an icon with at least three consecutive words from the song ' Golden Brown' by the stranglers. Lyrics are here.

use any image you find from the BBC robin hood 2006 series 

Rules of Robinhood:
* You can use any picture you find of any character/scene from the BBC 2006 version of Robin Hood
* Blending pictures is allowed.
* Icon must contain at least 3 consecutive lyrics.
* Animation is allowed.
* You may submit up to 3 icons.

enter icons as comment to this post

Rules of the Forest:
* All icons must be 100x100 and under 40k in gif, jpg or png format.
* Remember to include the URL when posting
* Try to keep all your challenge icons under ONE post, labeling which ones go to each contest.
* DEADLINE: Wednesday 28th March @ 10pm GMT.
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